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Together with BlueShockRace

Monday, 12 December 2016 by

From October in the TC «Riga Plaza» you can leave your children (from 6 to 99 years) on the playing court BlueShockRace and not worry that they will have time to get bored. Because these karts, cartoon characters, races on the our auto-simulators, adrenaline adventure on the DreamVirt in Oculus glasses will capture them completely. The great team works in that wonderful place. They will look after the children and help them after so exciting adventures to come back to the reality and to you. Just do not forget them in virtual reality!

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Unicon 2016

Tuesday, 09 August 2016 by

6-7.08.2016 Olympic Sports Centre.

UniCon (Universal Convention) is a 2-day international event where fans of comics, anime, books, movies, cosplay, crafting and many other fun things, meet to celebrate their hobbies, sub cultures or just find out something new to enjoy.
UniCon event itself is the first multigenere convention in the Baltic States. It is held in Riga – Latvia, since 2013.  We was glad to participate in this event second time with our new DreamVR attraction.

As usual for all exhibitions, our stand was the most popular, we have queue all the time during the event.

Auto 2016

Friday, 22 April 2016 by

Riga, Latvia
15-17 of April 2016
Auto – 2016
International Automotive Industry Trade Fair

In April 2016 we had participated in the local exhibition AUTO 2016. As always, we have lots of people around our stand. Most of them stay in the long queue to try our simulators and get the first hand impressions.

We had demonstrated two home simulators – one with Oculus Rift and second with 55″ TV. Demonstration was very successful.  Now we can offer you the best simulators on the market at the lowest price.


GameOn 2015

Sunday, 01 November 2015 by

31.10.2015 8.00-22.00 Siemens Centre

GameOn expo is going to be the best place to experience gameplay of latest games from industry

leaders. Our DreamSim simulators fir well to this community. We have participated in this event

with two DreamSim simulators – one with Oculus Rift and other

with 55″ TV. Our stand was opened early and closed well after

the event finished, we have lots of visitors all the time during the event.


Riga Comm 2015

Saturday, 24 October 2015 by

23-24.10.2015 10.00-18.00 International Exhibition Hall

IT Solutions Fair is an annual IT & Business event for service and manufacturing industries,

leaders of national authorities and ICT professionals, where they get to know the most current

products from IT service providers and product developers in the Baltic’s and foreign countries,

consult with knowledgeable professionals and collectively choose the most appropriate solutions

for their business or organisation in one place.

We have participated in this event with two DreamSim simulators – one

with Oculus Rift and other with 55″ TV. Visitors can compare

their impression and choose the best option.



Monday, 03 August 2015 by

1-2.08.2015 10.00-18.00 Olympic Sports Centre.

UniCon (Universal Convention) is the place where fans of comics, anime, books, movies, cosplay,

crafting and many other fun things, meet to celebrate their hobbies, sub cultures or just find

out something new to enjoy. We was glad to participate in this event.

UniCon event itself is the first multigenere convention in the Baltic States.

It is held in Riga in Olympic Sports Centre. Our stand was the most

popular, we have queue all the time during the event.

Kino Expo 2014

Friday, 26 September 2014 by

Saint Petersburg, Russia
22-26 of September 2014
Kino Expo 2014
International professional forum and film industry exhibition

What did we remember about St. Petersburg?
Absence of “Aurora”. Moscow? On business? Urgently? Hmm…
People whom we were lucky to meet at this exhibition. Organizers were simply doing their job – quickly, professionally and with a smile. Members and guests interacted with pleasure. Business discussions were followed by jokes, and aromatic coffee. We managed to meet and talk with many professionals from movie and entertainment industries. And presented them with a modified simulator, which is capable like a black hole, to attract the attention and interest of various people. Then we showcased our dynamic multicomplex seat, which took all the best qualities from its competitors, but still remains affordable and modest in terms of price. The seat was in action. It moved. Intelligently. Visitors could seat and watch a movie. And then go back to the exhibition.

And, of course, we have to mention the girls. Pretty girls of all ages. We have not seen such an interest from their side on any of past the exhibitions. And we have not seen such girls either! For the first time we felt like sellers in a trendy fashion boutique during sale. Many thanks to those girls for their emotions, excitement on their faces, friendliness and beauty!

St. Petersburg – you’re fab!

P.S. And finally – as promised the link to the pictures from our stand. Spot yourself, verify your identity, submit your fingerprints and get full-sized photos of yourself (and maybe a video) made during the exhibition. It’s good to share great memories.

Auto 2013

Sunday, 28 April 2013 by

Riga, Latvia
26-28 of April 2013
Auto – 2013
International Automotive Industry Trade Fair

In April 2013 our company has played at the home arena – in Riga. Though it was not fully our speciality – AUTO 2013, and the size of our target audience was smaller comparing to previous exhibitions. Nevertheless, this exhibition has brought much pleasure to our guests and to us as the participants. The event was much better organised than Moscow fairs. People visiting our stand were positive and friendly. And a queue for our simulator was longer. Even BENTLEY stand nearby did not have such an impressive crowd of interested people as what we had. And maybe there is nothing to be surprised about? Because people are always more interested in things they can realistically afford.

We wanted to demonstrate first edition of our home simulator. And the demonstration was a success! A grateful audience gave us a benchmark price for our home simulator during private conversations. And now, as the result of all the past exhibitions in which we have participated, we can offer you the best simulator on the market at the lowest price.

EAAPA 2013

Friday, 22 March 2013 by

Moscow, Russia
18-22 of March 2013
EAAPA – 2013 (European Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)
Attractions and entertainment equipment. 15th International Exhibition

In the spring of 2013 in Moscow we have participated in two more exhibitions of attractions and entertainment equipment. By this time we have managed to prepare even more interesting and price attractive option of the simulator.

Shows were very similar to the October one and to each other. And, therefore, we will not describe them fully. Many visitors already recognised us and our simulator. And it’s nice. And even nicer was the fact that again and again they have willingly queued to ride our simulator and get another shot of adrenaline and a portion of a good mood. By the way, during these exhibitions, for the first time in Russia, we have presented our Double Dynamic auto-simulator.

Our technology lets any father to show his skills to his son, without putting themselves at risk. It allows loved up couples to experience extreme and positive emotions. Allows putting professional racers besides the driver. And of course gives the opportunity to our business partners to earn more money.

Also for these exhibitions we have prepared another surprise. We have showed dynamic capabilities of our seat and introduced new viewing experiences of feature films. But this is another topic, another exhibition and another target audience.

RAAPA 2012

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 by

Moscow, Russia
24-26 of November 2012
RAAPA – 2012 (Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)
Attractions and entertainment equipment. 6th Moscow Autumn Exhibition

Second. Completely different. But still a lot of visitors.
Less than two weeks after Berlin exhibition. Striking contrast. Contrast begins from the status of the exhibition and ends with the work of cleaners. In Berlin, it was the major event in a huge exhibition center with an amazing scope and organization.

In Moscow exhibition was modestly placed at the back of the Moscow Exhibition Hall shadowed by the exhibition of special police equipment happening at the same time. Time given for installation and dismantling – minimum. Electricity was cut down every now and then on the first day of the exhibition. At the same time, girls from RAAPA were really trying to quickly help everyone in all matters. Special thank you to them for that! But they are not almighty.

People were coming. They were interested. They were just as willing to stand and wait for their turn to ride. They were also interested in where, how much, what it can, what is the difference from the others? They were crowding around the capsule, discussing and sharing experiences. So the next three days flew by.

Finishing line – only a few hours to complete dismantling and removal. Phew, we made it. No place to wash hands now – cleaner has closed the toilets and left half an hour ago. After Berlin, this seemed like a madhouse. Putting a big and dirty dot at the end.

General feeling after talking to visitors – for current market it is also slightly expensive (though much cheaper than main competitors in the Russian market). Still, the price has to be seriously lowered.

EAS 2012

Thursday, 11 October 2012 by

Berlin, Germany
9-11 of October 2012
EAS (Euro Attractions Show)
Europe’s premier event for the attractions industry
First. Big. Superbly organized. A lot of people.
We do not know how it went for others (we didn’t have time to look around), but our simulator gathered LOADS of people. Some wanted to learned about the technical specifications. Others were waiting for their turn to ride. Many were interested in prices and delivery times. The rest seeing such a crowd also wanted to have a look at the unique product gathering so many people. And we did not stop talking going from Russian to English and to German, and vice versa. It was our first experience. It was a real competition with German and Italian manufacturers of car simulators. Still, ours was the best simulator out of all exhibited in terms of price / quality. Even so, it still seemed a little expensive.