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Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:00AM
Sat - 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sundays by appointment only!

5D-cinema for a business.

"Small" cinema with large special effects. 5-10 minutes to make people shake in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Smoke, flash, dynamics and drive. Shaking seat or the neighbor on the right. Asteroid straight ahead. Nervous gasp again on right - thank God he's still alive, maybe …

That's what entertainment business looks like in our 5D-cinemas.

And what's interesting - people are willing to experience this burst of sensations again and again. Just offer them new movies and cash in the money. And the more interesting movies you show - the more fun you have and more money you earn.

And for this you do not need kilowatts of electricity with three-phase electric current. From childhood we accustom our cinemas to moderate diet out of ordinary sockets. Therefore, they "eat" a lot less than models of our competitors’.

In addition to individual (!!) dynamic seats (where do you still find this?), we can offer you an entirely new dynamic movie library, much more beneficial for you in terms of costs and usage value. We're not going to offer you movies at the excessive prices to then eat caviar with a massive spoon. This is - your caviar. We have our own. All third-party movies will be available with the minimal markup to compensate the work it takes to adapt them to our equipment.

In our cinemas it is possible to add smells to fight the odour of the burning car tyre coming from our simulator standing nearby.

With custom orders we can set up 5D-cinema with any number of seats. You will not even have problems with the queue as it will all fit inside your cinema.