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Dynamic seats for cinema or home theater.

Does "BIG" cinema has key differences from 5D?

Of course!

The technologies we offer are only now entering ‘big’ cinemas. Cinemas are yet to increase their profits from introducing new technologies into their entertainment business.

Big movie industry already understood that adding colour, sound and volume - is a tiny change to the movie business in the last hundred something years. Viewers demand new experiences. That’s why new technologies of 5D-cinemas have easily won their place under the sun, taking a piece of a pie from the ‘big’ cinema. And that’s also why the blockbuster movies are topped with special effects and computer generated graphics. Hence why new technologies able to involve other senses and give new sensations will be officially acknowledged and taken into consideration by the majors in the entertainment industry.

The smart ones are already introducing the new technologies. To start cashing in on the most sophisticated and wealthy viewers, as well as forming them into their most loyal audience.

Of course this requires additional investments. However, our technologies allow converting any cinema hall with any configuration of old and new seats to try out the new technology in action. This does reduce the size of the one-time investment required. This also allows you to understand the effectiveness of your investments in practice and make an informed decision about expanding ‘the dynamic zone’.

Our seats do not require constant maintenance. They are reliable and durable. Seats working duration is based on 10,000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure).

With many seats to choose from, their energy efficiency becomes particularly important. And here our seats come in the lead - with 500 watts in peak mode and only 300 watts on average.