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Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:00AM
Sat - 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sundays by appointment only!

Business option (although it can decorate a house too).

Closed, bright, eye-catching capsule requiring only 9 sq.m. and a standard power outlet for installation.

Small dimensions and finished design allow putting it in any free space where people are willing to pay money for high class entertainment. Real sound, realistic movement, 3-D image with 3 wide-screen televisions, gusty winds and enclosed from outsiders space. For fans of realism we can add the smell of burning rubber tires too.

There is only a problem with the queue - you will have to somehow manage the buzzing crowd, so it does not disturb anyone and you do not get your rent increased!

Also there is a possibility of modifications to include additional TV's above the capsule. And only you can decide whether they will be bringing you an additional income from advertising nearby businesses, or attracting and entertaining your queue with the adventures of your riders!

The capsule is safe for others - it can be clearly seen and heard. It can only be stumbled upon purposely - to exchange money for the new sensational feelings. Moreover, since the money making machine works inside, it does not require additional security measures for people outside.

Since the manufacturing of this attraction only uses EU certified components, its flammability is not higher than flammability of a PC or LCD television. And if you can smell smoke, you either have too temperamental racer behind the steering wheel, or it is the smell of burning rubber, that you have actually ordered.

Same applies to energy saving. Less than iron. And it’s safer too. And unlike iron, also brings in money.